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Música & Grogue was created in July 2017. It is based in Tarrafal de Monte Trigo, on the island of Santo Antão. Its objective is the promotion, conservation and marketing of Grogue, the local name for rum made from pure sugar cane juice.

The main quality of this rum is due to its raw material, sugar cane. Cultivated without any fertilizer or pesticide, sugar cane flourishes on land of volcanic origin in a tropical climate. Two species of sugar cane are mainly used: “cana prêta” and “cana riscada” and contribute to the uniqueness of this rum.

If today, the Cape Verde Grogue has a certain notoriety among the locals, it is still little known abroad. Its national and international recognition can thus allow the attribution of a true designation of origin, controlled and protected, for Grogue de Tarrafal.

Rhum Grogue M&G Ambré...
Rhums Agricoles et Rhums de pur jus de canne

Rhum Grogue M&G Ambré Ribeira Da Cruz 43,7%

Ample, rond et épicé, ce Grogue Ambré est une promesse de dépaysement pour tous les dégustateurs de Rhums de pur jus de canne !
Rhum Grogue M&G Blanc...
In Stock
Rhums Agricoles et Rhums de pur jus de canne

Rhum Grogue M&G Blanc Ribeira Da Cruz 43%

Un Grogue extrêmement concentré et aromatique qui étonnera tous les amateurs de Rhums Agricoles !
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