Located in the heart of Central America, wedged between Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina, Paraguay is home to vast swampy areas and subtropical forests. The humidity and tropical climate in the east of the country, which is optimal to the cultivation of sugar cane, led the settlers to produce rum, which remains to this day very popular with the local population. Benefiting from the natural run-off of water of great purity, rum is produced ecologically from sugar cane honey, it is today the brand "Fortin" that stands out in the landscape, as well as for export, with excellent organic, fine and unsweetened rums.

Rhum Fortin Vieux Heroica 40% Rhum Fortin Vieux Heroica 40% 2
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Les Rhums de Tradition Hispanique

Rhum Fortin Vieux Heroica 40%

Un Rhum Vieux du Paraguay rond et fin, produit en Agriculture Biologique !
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