A small, discreet state in the Caribbean, Grenada was a French possession for more than a century before falling into British rule. It gained independence in 1974.

Although Grenada started to produce rum rather late compared to its neighbours, it largely caught up during the 18th century to rise to 5th place among world producers. Since then, sugar production and production of sugar cane spirits have collapsed to the point of virtually disappearing.

Today, there remain 2 historic distilleries, including the legendary River Antoine Estate. In 2020, the famous entrepreneur Mark Reynier completed this picture by building a brand new distillery: Renegade Rum. A technological gem that produces rums from pure cane juice with the terroir as a fundamental concern.

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Les Rhums de Tradition Britannique

Rhum Renegade Rum Pre-Cask Pearls 50%

Son profil gras et fermentaire, ravira tous les amateurs de Clairins haïtiens par ses notes végétales !
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