The islands of Antigua and Barbuda, located in the north of Guadeloupe, gained their independence in 1981, after passing successively under the Spanish, French and finally British yoke, there were no less than three hundred sugar cane plantations in the 18th century. After 1848, the date of the abolition of slavery, there was the massive arrival of Portuguese nationals of Madeira, who assembled rums most often imported and sold mainly in the "Rum shops" of Antigua. The last sugar refinery closed in 1971, leading to the disappearance of the sugar cane cultivation, today there is still a single active distillery located in Antigua: "Antigua Distillery".

Rhum English Harbour Vieux...
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Les Rhums de Tradition Britannique

Rhum English Harbour Vieux 10 ans 40%

Ce Rhum venu de la seule distillerie d'Antigua et Barbuda affiche un caractère franc bourré de charme !
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