Located off the coast of Venezuela, the island of Trinidad (without forgetting its inseparable Tobago) which was at stake in a fierce struggle between English, Spanish and French, took its independence in 1962. It was the British who made it the third largest sugarcane brandy producer at the end of the 19th century, at that time, the spirits were mainly sold in bulk to traders. "Angostura" is the only distillery that survived the discovery of oil in the 1920s, which profoundly changed the island's economy. "Angostura" is currently the second largest producer of Rhum in the Caribbean, after the "Bacardi" mastodon in Puerto Rico. The island of Trinidad cannot be approached without mentioning the mythic "Caroni", a state distillery founded in 1923, closed in 2002, which owes everything to the boss of the Italian independant bottler "Velier", Lucas Gargano, who managed to lay his hands on large stocks after the fall of the curtain.

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Les Rhums de Tradition Britannique

copy of Rhum Black Tot Rum Master Blender's Reserve 2022 54.5%

Ce Black Tot Rum édition 2022, tout aussi réussi que les 2 éditions précédentes, revient aux sources et fait la part belle au très vieux Rhums du Guyana, de Jamaïque et de Trinidad !
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