Porto Rico

This former Spanish colony with a specific status associated with the United States (and a tax free law regarding trade between the two countries) saw the cultivation of sugar cane decline until it disappeared in the 1990. Today the island has become one of the largest producers of rums, from imported molasses. The "Bacardi" distillery has been installed on the island since the mid-1930s, but the family went into exile from Cuba in the 1960s and production developed in Puerto Rico at the huge Serralès production site. Puerto Rico's Rhum has very light and low-aromatic profiles, which tends to produce Rums that are meant to be mixed.

Rhum Don Q Vieux Reserva 7...
Les Rhums de Tradition Hispanique

Rhum Don Q Vieux Reserva 7 ans 40%

Le Rhum Don Q Reserva 7 ans Vieux est le fleuron de la distillerie familiale Portoricaine Don Q! Un Rhum sec, droit et polyvalent à déguster pur ou en cocktail.
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