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The origins of Ron Barcelo date back to 1929. A young 26-year-old Spaniard, Julián Barcelo arrived in the Dominican Republic with the ambition of producing rum. This was accomplished 1 year later when he founded Barcelo & Co in 1930. If the brand remained local until the end of the 1980s, it became international in the 1990s and quickly obtained a worldwide reputation. In 2016, Barcelo became the first rum in the world to be certified carbon neutral.

One of the particularities of the Barcelo distillery lies in the fact that it produces rums from pure sugar cane juice and not from molasses as it is usually the case with Hispanic Tradition. The brand is 60% self-sufficient in sugar cane. It distills pure sugar cane juice in a multi-column before aging its distillate in mainly ex-Bourbon barrels.

Rhum Barcelo Vieux Imperial...
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Les Rhums de Tradition Hispanique

Rhum Barcelo Vieux Imperial 38%

Un Rhum de Tradition Hispanique rond et chaleureux !
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