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The birth of Beenleigh has a story of its own, an authentic story of river piracy! To make life easier for small sugar cane planters along the Albert River in the state of Queensland, a cheeky "entrepreneur" takes everything needed for sugar production and distillation... on a ship! But the authorities put an end to the illicit activities of this itinerant distiller and the man was forced to sell his equipment and his wooden still to John Davy and Francis Gooding in 1884. This is how the Beenleigh distillery was born.

During the first half of the 20th century, the distillery modernized and the quality of its production acquired an international reputation. Its rum is for example used in the composition of the famous Daily Tot, the daily ration of rum that was served to sailors in the British Royal Navy. Despite this, the distillery experienced financial difficulties in the 1950s and closed its doors in 1969. Purchased in 1972, Beenleigh restarted its production and continued to write its history.

Even today, the Beenleigh distillery is located on the banks of the Albert River, despite the flooding it regularly experiences. Anchored locally, it uses exclusively Queensland molasses and collects rainwater to produce its rum.

For its classic range, the Beenleigh distillery has a triple column still and a pot still. The must passes through a column for the first time, before being transferred to a 15,000 liter still for its second distillation. For aging, the cellar is mainly made up of ex-Bourbon barrels but also venerable barrels of Australian Brandy aged over 100 years.

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