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The Cihuatán distillery was founded in the valley of the same name in the heart of El Salvador in the year 2000. From its conception, the distillery has emphasized strong environmental and social commitments. Thus, all stages of production aim to produce rums of excellence while respecting the Earth and People.

As an autonomous and independent estate, the Cihuatán distillery supervises all stages of production, from sugar cane cultivation to bottling. faithful to the Hispanic Tradition, Cihuatán produces column-distilled molasses rums. After aging in different types of oak barrels, they are bottled with a slight sweetening.

ÉVÈNEMENT COMPLET ! Jeudi 07 Décembre 2023 de 19h00 à 21h00 La Maison Des Rhums vous convie à une Masterclass Cihuatán, Rhum du Salvador ! Soirée animée par Leslie, l'Ambassadrice de la marque ! Au cours de cette soirée Masterclass, découvrez le savoir-faire exceptionnel de l'unique distillerie de ce discret pays d'Amérique Centrale fondée en 2000 et qui...
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