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Through their name Fortin, meaning “little fort” in Spanish, the Diaz family rums pay homage to the heroic past of Piribebuy. This city was indeed the seat of a terrible battle during the War of the Triple Alliance. Distilled from cane honey, Fortin Rums are produced using ancestral methods inherited from the Jesuits.

The Diaz family is also known for being very sensitive to ecological issues. She also does everything possible to preserve the magnificent nature of Paraguay.

For this, their 1,500 hectares of sugar cane are cultivated without treatment and the harvest is always carried out manually. As for the manufacturing process of its rums, it is entirely organic, all residues are recycled and the water comes from nearby sources.

Rhum Fortin Vieux Heroica 40% Rhum Fortin Vieux Heroica 40% 2
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Les Rhums de Tradition Hispanique

Rhum Fortin Vieux Heroica 40%

Un Rhum Vieux du Paraguay rond et fin, produit en Agriculture Biologique !
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