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The Dillon plantations have a long history dating back to 1690 but the name Dillon would not be associated with rum until much later. In fact, it was not until 1857 that a distillery was created on the property.

The distillery will have an eventful life and between changes of owners and multiple sugar factories, it will end up closing its doors in 1928. It is not until 1957 that it re-opens its doors and resumes the production of rum.

Since then, the steam engine and the distillation column of the distillery which had been installed in 1922 have both been transferred to Depaz in Saint-Pierre. Dillon still works with its own sugar cane, and if the rum flows today in Saint-Pierre, aging and bottling still take place on the historic site of Fort de France.

Dillon produces Rhums Agricoles AOC Martinique made from 10 different varieties of sugar cane. After fermentation for 24 to 48 hours, the cane wine is distilled in a column still. The steam boiler which powers this distillation column operates solely on bagasse. The rum is 65% vol at the end of the column still.

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