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The Renegade Rum distillery was born from the vision of Mark Reynier, the man to whom we owe the rebirth of the Scottish Bruichladdich distillery and the creation of the Irish Waterford distillery. An insatiable entrepreneur obsessed with the land, Mark Reynier has now settled on the island of Grenada in the Caribbean. And since you are never better served than by yourself, he designed and built the distillery from scratch. A work tool at the cutting edge of modernity and ecology.

Rhum Renegade Rum Pre-Cask...
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Les Rhums de Tradition Britannique

Rhum Renegade Rum Pre-Cask Pearls 50%

Son profil gras et fermentaire, ravira tous les amateurs de Clairins haïtiens par ses notes végétales !
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