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Based on the island of Saint Lucia, the Admiral Rodney brand takes its name from the famous Royal Navy admiral who scoured the Caribbean on behalf of the British crown at the end of the 18th century. His fleet, with Saint Lucia as its home port, inflicted a crushing defeat on the French navy during the Battle of the Saints in April 1782.

His fleet, which had made the island of Saint Lucia its base in the archipelago, waited until the French ships, placed under the command of the Count de Grasse, had left the waters of Martinique to pursue them. The Rums in this new collection bear the names of some of the most eminent ships of this battle, such as HMS Princessa, HMS Royal Oak and HMS Formidable, Rodney's flagship, which distinguished themselves by piercing the French lines .

The Admiral Rodney brand produces tasty British Tradition Rums at the St. Lucia Distillers distillery. The different vintages that make up the range are very often named after the ships of Admiral Rodney's fleet. A great way to highlight the historical link between rum and marine!

Rhum Admiral Rodney Vieux... Rhum Admiral Rodney Vieux... 2
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Les Rhums de Tradition Britannique

Rhum Admiral Rodney Vieux HMS Princessa 40%

Ce Rhum Admiral Rodney Vieux HMS Princessa constitue une superbe entrée de gamme, présentant le style Admiral Rodney sous une facette très accessible !
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