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Doorly's is a rum brand from Barbados which was founded by Martin Doorly in 1908. Rum trader, Martin Doorly sources his supplies from the various distilleries on the island to bottle rums under his name. One of Martin Doorly's wishes was to offer rums without additives or added sugar. It was the first brand of Barbados rum to be exported outside its borders. At the beginning of the 90s, the brand was purchased by Richard Seale (owner of Foursquare rums). The latter, very respectful of the legacy of Martin Doorly, continues to work with the same standards and thus perpetuates the great tradition of "Bajan rum".

Doorly's rums are a blend of 2 types of rums, one distilled in a column still l and the other in a pot still.

Rhum Doorly's Vieux Rum 12...
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Les Rhums de Tradition Britannique

Rhum Doorly's Vieux Rum 12 ans 43%

Porte étendard de la gamme Doorly's ce magnifique Rhum de 12 ans d'âge est un excellent ambassadeur des Rhums de la Barbade.
Rhum Doorly's Vieux XO...
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Les Rhums de Tradition Britannique

Rhum Doorly's Vieux XO Golden Rum 43%

Le Doorly's XO est une excellente introduction à cette gamme mythique des Rhums de la Barbade.
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